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Altix was a series of sophisticated 35mm viewfinder cameras, made by Eho-Altissa and its successors in Dresden, Germany, from 1938 onwards. Later models have interchangeable lenses. The company became part of the Zeiss Ikon organisation, after the East German state take-over of Eho-Altissa.


Model Introduced frame comments
Altix 1938 24x24 fixed-focus; 1939: two zone focus
Altix I 1947 24x24
Altix II 1948
Altix III 1949-53 24x24
Altix III A c.1949 24x36
Altix IV c.1952 24x36
Altix V 1956 24x36 interchangeable lenses, knob wind
Altix N 1957 24x36 interchangeable lenses, lever wind; name on top
Altix N 1959 24x36 interchangeable lenses; name on front
Altix NB 1957 24x36 interchangeable lenses, top-mounted light meter
Altix NB 1959 24x36 interchangeable lenses, integral light meter
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